Month: January 2019


Kris ‘Faby’ Garcia

 For six years my father had battling congestive heart failure, kidney failure, and was going to require surgery to increase his chances of survival. In 2009, I requested time off from work to go down to Texas to be with him and take care of him, but I was only allowed to take four unpaid …

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Shelby Ramirez

Everyone has a sick family member to care for at some point – so it’s critical to have Family Leave Insurance or other paid leave so families can stay afloat while dealing with family illness. I almost didn’t make it when I needed to care for my daughter recovering from serious surgery at the same …

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Vannessa Nunez

When I was diagnosed with gallstones in December 2012, I was forced to go on FMLA for weeks to recuperate from surgery. Once I was almost completely healed from that surgery, doctors found another gallstone which was left behind from the first surgery. I had to undergo a second surgery, and subsequently had to stay …

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