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“A program designed to remove as many barriers as possible for people who have the most obstacles to paid family leave will make the system work better for everyone.” 


Letters to the Capitol: “This year’s proposal is not strong enough to help people like me.” 


Women’s Lobby of Colorado Statement on Recent Paid Leave Proposal 

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“I did not receive any pay while I was on leave for recovery, and when I returned to work I was demoted to assistant teacher.” Mary Russell 

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic I lost my job as a substitute teacher and therefore my income. I was already on Medicaid, due to my low income. I am available to provide child care and tutoring, but because I am an independent teacher, with no affiliation to a school or licensed childcare facility, …

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Delayed Eligibility Harms Workers with Chronic Health Conditions 

Coloradans deserve a paid family and medical leave program, however, the proposal currently being introduced is not beneficial to the vast majority of workers.  I have chronic intermittent severe back pain, and it is impossible to predict when it will flare up. The mandatory waiting period to be eligible for paid benefits is alarming to …

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Under the current paid leave proposal, public school teachers could be effectively denied if they cannot afford insurance on their own 

I am a public school teacher, and my family has faced hardship because of a lack of paid family and medical leave – but I do not believe that an employer mandate is a solution to this need.  I had my son, Olly, in 2017 after a difficult pregnancy and a healthy birth. I was …

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