Delayed Eligibility Harms Workers with Chronic Health Conditions

Coloradans deserve a paid family and medical leave program, however, the proposal currently being introduced is not beneficial to the vast majority of workers. 

I have chronic intermittent severe back pain, and it is impossible to predict when it will flare up. The mandatory waiting period to be eligible for paid benefits is alarming to me because I cannot pick and choose when my illness flares, and worry that I would be unable to work during a waiting period where I would not have access to the benefit. In the past, I have had to use sick leave to pay my bills, but I know that many Coloradans do not have access to sick leave, nor should we have to rely on it. 

It is critical that we have paid family and medical leave that is accessible to all workers regardless of their situation or condition, and I urge our legislators to consider the needs of vulnerable workers. 

Shirnell Madison