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At some point, we all need time off work to care for our own serious health condition, bond with a new child, or care for an ill family member. Coloradans should not have to risk their financial stability for putting their families first. 

Let decision-makers know that all paid family and medical leave programs are not created equally — and don’t treat workers equally. A state-run social insurance program ensures that our paid family and medical leave is affordable, accessible, and equitable for all Coloradans and businesses – and not controlled by for-profit insurance companies. 

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Press Release: FAMLI Task Force Report Shows Strong, State-Run Paid Family and Medical Leave Is Good Policy for Colorado 

Press Release: FAMLI Coalition Applauds Governor for His Work On Behalf of Colorado Families 

Press Release: Proponents of Paid Family & Medical Leave File Initiatives 

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Vannessa Nunez 

When I was diagnosed with gallstones in December 2012, I was forced to go on FMLA for weeks to recuperate from surgery. Once I was almost completely healed from that surgery, doctors found another gallstone which was left behind from the first surgery. I had to undergo a second surgery, and subsequently had to stay …

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Shelby Ramirez 

Everyone has a sick family member to care for at some point – so it’s critical to have Family Leave Insurance or other paid leave so families can stay afloat while dealing with family illness. I almost didn’t make it when I needed to care for my daughter recovering from serious surgery at the same …

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Kris ‘Faby’ Garcia 

 For six years my father had battling congestive heart failure, kidney failure, and was going to require surgery to increase his chances of survival. In 2009, I requested time off from work to go down to Texas to be with him and take care of him, but I was only allowed to take four unpaid …

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